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I take your lawn personally.

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"Dr. Phil’s Landscaping did a fantastic job getting our yard in tip-top shape for a party we hosted recently. Phil cut the grass, trimmed the bushes, and removed all yard debris. When people arrived, many commented on how great our yard looked. Thanks, Phil!"


Foxcroft Neighborhood

Image by Annie Spratt


I want you to love your lawn. The kind you walk on with bare feet and feel the cool grass between your toes.  I want your back or front yard a place you sling a tennis ball to your Golden Retriever, toss a baseball with your kid, spread out a towel in the middle of the yard and get some sun, or spread out a blanket in the shade and get lost in a good book. 


Going beyond simply cutting grass, Dr Phil Landscaping strives to create for you an outdoor space that enhances your world. I call it Landscape for Life  -- spaces where you gather around a firepit on crisp fall Greenville evenings, spaces where you grill out with family and friends, spaces that speak “this is home.” 


Love Your Lawn
Residential & Commercial


Weekly Services

  • Mowing​

  • Edging

  • Trimming

  • Blowing

Seasonal Services

  • General Landscape Cleanup

  • Leaf Cleanup

  • Bed Maintenance, Redefinition

  • Dethatching

  • Mulch, Pine Needle Installation

  • Bush/Hedge Trimming, Shaping

  • Design Plans


  • General Landscape Cleanup

  • Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Mowing, Edging, Trimming, Blowing

  • Mulch, Pine Needle Installation

  • Leaf Cleanup

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About Dr. Phil

I went to Taylors Elementary, Northwood Middle School, and Riverside High School. I swore I would spread my wings and go off to college, only to move 9 miles north to Furman University. Of all the wonderful experiences at Furman, the best was having a class my sophomore year with a student from Charlotte. Three years later, we were saying our vows at a church in the Queen City.


As a middle schooler, I would tag along with my dad, a pastor for 32 years at Taylors First Baptist Church. During the summers, I'd help mow the church’s athletic fields. Dragging a bush hog behind an old blue Ford 4240 tractor and seeing the symmetry and sense of completeness of the softball fields gave me a sense of satisfaction.


In a small way (and maybe weird to you), I see landscaping as restoring beauty that gives little echoes of Eden – the biblical promise that narrates how God will one day restore creation to what is called the New Heavens and the New Earth.


I have been a church pastor for the past quarter century, including ten years at First Presbyterian, Greenville. I slogged through degrees in theology and church ministry (if you pay tuition long enough, they will eventually give you a piece of paper) and most recently graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry in 2017.


I view changing my vocational direction to landscaping as simply scratching my soul’s itch that is put there by God, a way to faithfully play out the plan He put for me in the world. This orientation works itself in lawn care by simple things like treating customers with respect, doing a good job and delivering on what I communicate (and making it right if I don’t) and having integrity in how I conduct business. 


My joy is that I get to be a husband to Cary and a dad to 4 incredible children. Allie is a dual-degree student pursuing Masters degrees at Duke Divinity School and UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work, Mia is creating beauty at Kansas City Art Institute, Lincoln is enjoying life as a Clemson Tiger, and Rosa is receiving way too much attention from mom and dad as she eyes graduating from Eastside in 2023 and joining her brother in Tiger Town.

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